Friday, September 17, 2010

Basic wardrobe essentials....

Today i am going to discuss about 5 wardrobe essentials for every women of every age bracket...something that they should always have in there wardrobe...
So without further delay lets get started with the 5 most important wardrobe essentials for every women :-


You got to have at least two pairs of denim from good store in your me...a good pair of denim will always enhance your figure in a good way. While purchasing denims you must either have a clear idea about what cut and what shade of denim would look best on you or you should consult the sales person regarding the kind of denim you should get for yourself. If you are bottom heavy then a proper fit and the right color will make you look a lot more slimmer and a lot more proportionate. Many people do not like to spend a lot of money on just one pair of denim. But i promise you, these denims last for a long time and they are extremely comfortable and make you look 3 times better than what a cheaper pair of jeans would do...My personal favorite brand of denim is Levis. I love there jeans. Those look and feel like heaven! So, go and grab your very own pair of a good denim!
Quick tip :- Whenever you are planning to wear you denim for a slightly formal occasion never forget to wash and iron it....this will give your old pair of jeans a very crisp and a new look and it will fit amazingly, just like brand new jeans, and it will look neat...and trust will feel great!


I love linen jackets.They can easily be worn both during day and night and even if you have a humid climate or it's extremely hot, you will not feel uncomfortable because the material is of cotton or linen. The aviator jackets are extremely in for the fall. But i do not know how much popular it will be in India, considering the climate here.  This season the 'boyfriend blazers' are extremely in vogue. Wear a pair of jeans or trousers or skirt , a nice top and a well fitted linen jacket and you are ready to go for the day! Be it at school, university, even at work, this never fails to work its charm. You can even wear your boyfriend blazer over a cocktail dress. If you have to party at night and do not have time to change then add on a few accessories and a dab of shimmery make up and party all night long! These days we have a wide variety of jackets and blazers in almost every possible color and cut. Go for the conventional well fitted blazers if you want to keep it subtle and sophisticated and go play with colors and cut, for example, try a short jacket with a burst of color, that is, if you want a fresh young look with a bit of an edge. T personally love to accessories my jackets or boyfriend blazers with cute badges or by wearing really nice junk jewelry to break the monotonous look. Its fun! And it gives an outfit a lot of character. In short, jackets or blazers can make you look extremely sophisticated and again it can even make your outfit look very young and fresh...

WHITE SHIRT / TOP : of the most essential thing that you should have in you wardrobe is a completely white shirt or a top...whichever you prefer. But make sure it does not have any graphic prints or anything. Little bit of embroidery here and there are fine but not much. If you want to add color to it then add junk jewelry or a nice jacket or blazer or wear a nice wrist watch. But if you want to go simple, a white top and a denim or trouser or even a skirt can never in your life go wrong. Try out new things with your plain white top...and you will definitely be a show stopper where ever you go...


Many women tremble at the thought of wearing high heels...because...lets face is not exactly the most comfortable pair of shoe in the world! I myself wear flat shoes most of the time. But every body should own at least one pair of good high heels. If not extremely high, then at least with a little bit of heel. Now there are practically "gazillion" styles of heels starting from pointed to wedge heels (which are the most comfortable of the lot) to pick from. The reason why women wear high heels is not only because it makes you look taller but also it helps to create a beautiful posture. If you ever notice, whenever you wear a high heel you do not slouch anymore rather you walk straight and seemingly with more confidence (once you get a hang of it). And finally it makes you feel extremely sexy, glamorous ad confident when you walk into a room....


A handbag can make or break a look. Therefore do buy a good handbag. Depending on your lifestyle choose your handbag. Go for the big handbags for day time and nice clutches at night. A very dull outfit can be easily brightened up with the help of a colorful handbag. Handbags say a lot about your personality and class, whether you are classy, bohemian, experimental, etc ,etc. Buy your handbags very sensibly. If you have a very hectic schedule and have to carry a lot of stuff with you buy a bag that has loads of space for your things. Whereas if it is just a day out with friends you can carry a clutch or a small is up to you. So go grab that perfect handbag and complete your look.....

I hope you enjoyed the article and I would be really satisfied if i could help you even a little bit on your wardrobe essentials....please do post your comments...and any other idea that you think is apt with this you all....


Yours ever,


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  3. I love those shoes! Louboutins! :)
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