Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wallet friendly regular skin care regime....

So, today I am going to discuss with you about the regular skin care regime for normal to oily skin or oily skin and products related to it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of oily skin :-

  • Oily skin is not prone to wrinkles and other signs of aging.
  • If taken care of, oily skin looks more healthy than any other type of skin.
  • Make up last longer in oily skin and it even looks better.
  • Skin does not get as damaged as normal or dry skin during winter.

  • Oily skin is more prone to acne and pimples.
  • Dirt and dust can easily stick to oily skin and therefore blocks the pores of the skin.
  • It is more prone to tanning.

I have a normal to oily skin. My 'T' zone i.e. my forehead,nose,temple and chin, are oily where as my cheeks are normal. 
To explain more specifically what a 'T' zone is, let us see the picture below...

The main problem that I was facing for the past couple of months was tanning and extreme pigmentation. Even if I was using sunscreen lotions with high SPF it was doing nothing. And I must confess that I was not into the regular skin care regime because I used to feel extremely lazy. 
But one fine day I looked up into the mirror and saw my skin looking extremely dull and pigmented and completely tanned. It looked horrible. I got myself the entire range of Neutrogena Fine Fairness and started to use it religiously every night. Plus i switched from sunscreen lotion to Lotus Safe Sun Sunscreen Gel SPF 20 and i have been using Joves Tea Tree Oil control face wash regularly. And trust me when i say this...the pigmentation started to get lighter from second week...and by third week i got my old skin tone almost 96% less breakouts.

Anyhow, without wasting any more time lets quickly get into the REGULAR SKIN CARE REGIME.


I love this particular face wash...There was a time when I was facing break outs now and then and I had never faced such an issue earlier. Moreover, the face wash that i was using earlier would make  my skin feel very harsh after every wash. So, i thought to change my face wash. A saleswoman offered me to use Joves Tea Tree Face Wash gel. After using it my skin felt amazing and the breakouts that i used to have now and then started to reduce. And i have been hooked on to it ever since. I take a drop size of this face wash and wash my face at least twice a day. It gently gets rid of all the dirt that sticks to my skin. And after a wash my skin does not feel dry or harsh. Rather it feels smooth and clean.
M.R.P of 50 ml of Joves Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash is Rs. 60 inclusive all tax.


Okay ladies...throw away your greasy sunscreen lotions and bring home the  Lotus Safe Sun Sunscreen Gel SPF 20. This is one product that I fell in love at the first sight. Generally, the main problem with women having oily skin is that sunscreen lotions feel greasy and we tend to sweat more on applying sunscreen. In my case, I used to sweat so much so that I stopped using any sunscreen lotion for a while and ended up with a massive pigmented skin. That is when a friend of mine suggested me this product. I got it immediately and using it ever since. I take just a tad bit of Lotus Safe Sun Sunscreen Gel apply it on my face gently. For first 10 seconds it feels sticky and greasy and after that... Viola! Bye bye greasy skin. And the best part is, my skin glows, literally!
Plus the SPF 20 works just fine on my skin. I have used lotions of higher SPF and i used to look extremely dark right after a few minutes of applying those lotions. But with the Lotus Safe Sun Sunscreen Gel SPF 20 i look fresh for a considerably long time of the day.
M.R.P of Lotus Safe Sun Sunscreen Gel SPF 20 (100 g) in Rs. 195 inclusive all tax.


Okay...I strictly end my day after using products from Neutrogena Fine Fairness range for my night  skin care regime. But I must mention that I do not use the cleansing lotion simply because I use my very own Joves face wash and it does the job cleaning my skin perfectly. Therefore, after washing my face i dry my face with a towel and then take a cotton ball and pour a little bit of Neutrogena Fine Fairness toner and gently apply it all over my face and neck in upwards direction. I do not rub it hard on my face. Just apply it gently. It hydrates my skin beautifully. It can feel a little sticky while applying but that stickiness goes in a few minutes.
M.R.P. of Neutrogena Fine Fairness Toner (150 ml) is Rs.240. inclusive all taxes.


Last but not the least, the most important product of the entire day...Neutrogena Fine Fairness Essence. Those who have the problem of pigmentation, I strongly recommend it to you. I take just a   little bit and apply it on my face gently like a moisturizer. It is a little greasy in nature. Though it says on the package to use it twice a day, i would recommend it only once at night. Because it has Retinol. Therefore using it in day light will harm the skin to some extent. This will surely lighten your skin within 15 days of regular use. Though it is a little expensive, it s worth the money.
M.R.P. of Neutrogena Fine Fairness Essence (30 g) is Rs. 450 inclusive all tax.

I hope you like this article on wallet friendly skin care product for regular skin care regime. If you have any query or suggestion or if you think otherwise...feel free to tell me...

Yours ever,


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  3. I use that Joves face wash and it's amazing(: i loveit. It's one of the only things that actually helps with my acne. You should try the Avon ClearSkin face washes, that's my other favorite. Oh, but ANYWAYS thank for checking out my blog, and anyone who is reading this my blog is So, keep posting! and ill follow you as soon as i figure out how to!

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